Your Registry Questions Answered: How Do Cash or Check Gifts Work?

Posted by Adam Warner

In the latest edition of "Your Registry Questions Answered", we're covering a convenient payment option for friends and family looking to give a gift on your honeymoon registry.

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Q: How can our guests contribute via cash or check?

A: Easy! Through TJ's "Cash or Check" payment option, friends and family can fulfill gifts, activities, or experiences on your honeymoon registry and then provide the funds at a later time (like at the shower or wedding or even in the mail). It's also ideal for gift givers who'd prefer to bring a physical gift to the event.

This way couples can start making arrangements for items and experiences knowing the funds will soon be provided (and Traveler's Joy will keep track of all the details!).

This method is 100% FREE for gift givers to use and will not require them to use a credit card at checkout.

Traveler's Joy couples can easily enable the "Cash or Check" payment option by visiting their account settings. This will give their guests two super convenient payment options at checkout: 1) credit card and 2) cash/check.

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