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The New Registry: Needs Versus Wants

“Couples are getting creative. That might include asking for a giant Jenga game, the opportunity to rent a fancy car for the day, or a slew of high-tech camping gear. Before 2020, no one registered for bikes or puzzles. Now that's on people's lists.”

— The New York Times

Traveler's Joy is a Leader in Honeymoon Registries

“I remember buying something for a friend that I thought was kind of silly. It was a nice spoon, but an expensive piece of cutlery. They weren't going to have the money to go on a honeymoon, but here I was buying this expensive spoon.”


Honeymoon Registry Sites All Brides Should Know

“Whether your honeymoon dream is to backpack through Europe, stay in a beach house in Malibu, go glamping in Canada, or hit up bed-and-breakfasts in New Hampshire, Traveler's Joy has helped couples turn those dreams into reality since 2004.”


Which Gifts Are Most Likely to Get Fulfilled From Your Honeymoon Registry?

“Honeymoon registry Traveler's Joy told us the most popular gifts guests have recently purchased, and you'll definitely want to see the results - especially if you have your heart set on a hotel room upgrade.”

— The Knot

Why the 'Buddymoon' Has Become the New Honeymoon

“As modern-day couples delay marriage into their 30s, the honeymoon's value proposition has changed: Reconnecting with old friends during peak professional years is more appealing to some millennials than taking a traditional honeymoon, where the primary mission was to allow the bride and groom to bone (finally) in paradise (preferably).”

— MEL Magazine

Wedding Registries Evolve from Dishes to Dolphins

“When Ryan Frailich and Stephanie Hinton were getting married last year, the last thing in the world they wanted were gifts of butter dishes or cutlery sets. So the New Orleans couple asked guests instead to sponsor elements of their dream honeymoon trip to New Zealand. Invitees could buy things such as bike rentals for cruising around the country's picturesque south island, or dinner for two by the stunning Milford Sound.”

— Reuters

Trips Not Toasters: Wedding Registries for Travel Lovers

“By allowing couples to register for activities such as surfing lessons or wine tastings, the sites help guests feel as if they are giving the happy couple specific experiences. In reality, the money given for those experiences is usually passed along to the couple as a check or bank transfer to use however they see fit, which means they can use it toward surfing lessons - or not.”

— The New York Times

Top 10 Honeymoon Hacks

“Don't just focus on wedding gift registries. Kristen Maxwell Cooper, deputy editor of The Knot, recommends registering with a site such as Traveler's Joy, which allows guests to purchase everything from a romantic dinner on the beach to surf lessons.”

— Travel Channel

The China Pattern Or The China Adventure?

“We eventually landed upon Traveler's Joy after having tried a few other websites where we were not impressed with layout, styling, and user-friendliness. But Traveler's Joy had all of this and then some.”

— The Huffington Post

Worldly Registries

“Traveler's Joy is the honeymoon-registry spot. Friends and family can easily pitch in toward airfare, accommodations, or even specific activities, so you'll be standing in front of South America's awe-inspiring Igauzu Falls in no time.”

— Martha Stewart Weddings

7 Online Registries To Help Plan And Gift An Epic Honeymoon

“Traveler's Joy has been around for a while (since 2004) and has 100% free options. They are the preferred partner of the largest wedding websites in the world, and there is no requirement to book your honeymoon with particular travel agencies or airlines.”

— Refinery29

This Wedding Season, Couples May Just Want Cash

“When Larberg told her mother that the couple planned to ask for donations toward their Hawaii honeymoon, her mom wasn't completely surprised, knowing that her daughter had bought blenders and flatware for her condo in Woodland Heights along the way. - 'We're in our 30s. We don't need stuff, y'all.'”

— Houston Chronicle

Who Pays for the Honeymoon?

“If a couple has arranged a honeymoon registry instead of, or in addition to, a traditional wedding registry, the answer to who pays for the honeymoon is actually the guests! A honeymoon registry allows guests to pay for activities, meals, or excursions the couple can enjoy during the honeymoon, or help fund flights or hotel stays.”


Here's How Much the Average Wedding Costs - Though You Can Pay Less

“The average cost of a honeymoon for U.S. couples is $4,466. If you don't need to register for household items, you might invite well-wishers to contribute to a honeymoon registry to help pay for your big trip.”

— The Motley Fool

7 Genius Wedding Gift Strategies If You Don't Want To Register

“Sites like Traveler's Joy let you register for airfare, hotels, excursions, and more. And it's not like your guests are just handing you cash; they can specifically choose to fund things like a romantic beach dinner for two, private sightseeing tours, luxury spa treatments, or whatever it is you want to make your honeymoon unforgettable.”

— Bustle

3 Tactful Ways to Ask for Money for Your Wedding

“Sites like Traveler's Joy allow you to create a wish list of items like a dolphin excursion for your honeymoon or new cabinets for your kitchen in your condo, and your guests can donate money to help you pay for those things. Your wedding guests will feel like their money is going toward a good cause, and you will be able to cash out after your wedding.”

— WiseBread

Have Your Dream Honeymoon Without Paying a Dime

“Websites like Traveler's Joy allow you to raise funds for your honeymoon rather than registering for wedding gifts. In lieu of creating an online gift registry, you could encourage guests to make a monetary gift of their choice to your honeymoon registry website.”


Top Honeymoon Registries for Newlyweds

“Travel agent-free and devoid of any pre-existing itineraries, Traveler's Joy allows registry owners to do it all their way. One of the first breed of honeymoon registries, the site is super-customizable and geared towards inviting guests into the whole honeymoon experience.”


Honeymoon Registries to Check Out Now

“Traveler's Joy is one of the oldest and most established online honeymoon registries in the world, and has been a favorite pick for over 350,000 honeymooners. They make it super easy to add an experience or item to your wedding registry from any airline, hotel, travel group - anything! - which means the sky's the limit when it comes to what you want to register for.”

— Woman Getting Married

4 Ways to Have Your Dream Honeymoon Without Paying a Dime

“You don't need a ring on your finger to know that weddings are expensive. In fact, according to The Knot, the average wedding costs around $32,641. Honeymoons can often be put on the back burner when it comes to wedding expenses, because most dreamy tropical islands and European cities aren't cheap. But with some careful planning and smart strategies, it's totally possible to go on your honeymoon for free.”

— Huffington Post

Skip the Blender and Make Memories Instead

“Because Traveler's Joy is a registry service and not a travel agency, you can book your flights and adventures through whatever companies you choose. And when your honeymoon is over and it's time to let your guests know how much you enjoyed your adventures, you can use your registry to automatically generate a thank you list.”

— RewardExpert

Wedding Registries for a New Generation

“As fewer couples register for full sets of china and sterling silver flatware, shopping for wedding gifts has become more fraught, but also more fun, as options increase.”

— San Francisco Chronicle

Travel Tip: How You Can Use Crowdfunding for Your Travels

“For honeymoons, there are sites like Traveler's Joy. Guests can contribute money earmarked for special experiences, like a dinner or massage... I say it's better than registering for a set of dishes you'll never use.”

— Peter Greenberg

The Honeymooning Habits of Marrying Millennials in the U.S.

“Brandon Warner, co-founder of Traveler's Joy, found that millennials using the registry tend to travel further and longer than previous generations. According to Warner, millennials are spending comparable amounts of honeymoons but spreading the cost over a longer time period by booking independently.”

— Skift

3 On Your Side: Honeymoon Savings

“First comes the wedding, then the honeymoon. If you're look cut the cost the experts at Kiplinger's Personal Finance say, skip the blender and adding your honeymoon to your gift registry. Websites like allow your guests to chip in to your honeymoon funds as their gift to you.”

— CBS 3 (Philadelphia)

Interview with Brandon Warner, co-founder of Traveler's Joy

“All about the ins and outs of using a honeymoon registry for travel purposes.”

— The Travel Show from Frommers

All dressed up, but where to go?

“Foremost among the many honeymoon registry websites is, a partner to both The Knot and The Wedding Channel. It boasts a user-friendly interface, a reasonable fee and a broad selection of savvy, curated tips to help couples choose destinations and activities - and more effectively tug the heart and purse strings of would-be gift givers.”

— Toronto Star

When Honeymoons Become "Buddymoons"

“While three (or more) is still a crowd for most newly married couples, more of them are choosing to take their loved ones with them on what has come to be called a buddymoon, according to Brandon Warner, the founder of Traveler's Joy, an online registry that helps couples plan their honeymoons.”

— The New York Times

100 Brilliant Companies 2012

“Register for "experiences" on this online honeymoon registry... Couples choose a dream destination, and friends and family contribute money toward their travel expenses, accommodations, dining and activities.”

— Entrepreneur Magazine

The Honeymooners: Putting the Joy in Traveling

“"Where are we going to put all of this stuff?" And: "Do we really need anything else?" Luckily, we combined two households worth of kitchen gadgets, couches, tables etc and get by on what we have. What we don't have is money left over for the honeymoon.”

— Shape Magazine

Honeymoon Registries: A Better Way to Give and Get Gifts?

“If you've ever struggled with what to give someone as a wedding gift, a new trend may give you an easier option. Honeymoon registries allow guests to chip-in for the bride and groom's dream trip.”

— CBS (Sacramento, California)

How to Plan the Perfect Wedding Online

“Here's what we came up with to make it out of our weddings alive, on budget and in love... Some couples forgo toasters for travel with services like Traveler's Joy.”

— Mashable

Green Honeymoons: Destinations And Tips For An Eco-Friendly Trip

“Eco-friendly honeymoon destinations and green honeymoon tips courtesy of Brandon Warner, co-founder of Traveler's Joy.”

— The Huffington Post

Don't let your honeymoon be a source of stress

“Couples getting married later in life already have toasters and dishes; what they don't have is a horseback ride on the beach. With the Traveler's Joy website, couples can register for all aspects of a honeymoon, from helping out with the airfare to a scuba diving lesson to items you might want to bring, such as a camera.”

— St. Louis Today

Connoisseur Q&A: Traveler's Joy

“Q: What are you obsessed with? A: Helping people honeymoon in places they never dreamed of.”

— It! Weddings

Plan a Green Honeymoon

“If you're engaged, you've got a lot of exciting things to think about, and one of them is your honeymoon. Wouldn't it be great if you could kill two birds with one stone - the registry and your honeymoon planning - in a green way?”

— The Greenists

An experience can be a memorable gift

“As a sign the trend is gaining traction, most of the 225 guests gave the duo cash or contributed to the honeymoon via the site. Far fewer brought wrapped presents.”

— Star Tribune (Minneapolis, Minnesota)

Online honeymoon registries

“Hear from a couple who took advantage of an online honeymoon registry and got the vacation of their dreams. (Click link above for video)”

— WJXT (Jacksonville, Florida)

Save with a honeymoon registry

“Many engaged couples dream about an exotic honeymoon, but find that after all their wedding expenses, it's just beyond their means. But now there's a way newlyweds can get their dream honeymoon, without paying for it, as long as they can get a little help from their friends. (Click link above for video)”

— ABC 6 (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

Websites let you put the gift of travel under the tree

“Traditional travel agencies have long allowed people to give the gift of travel for honeymoons. Some websites, such as Traveler's Joy, have in recent years moved that idea online. But now sites are making the exchange much more hassle-free for any trip, for any occasion, at any time.”

— USA Today

What a Wish List!

“We wanted to supplement our wishlist with a honeymoon registry. After researching several other sites, we settled on Traveler's Joy. It is very heavily endorsed by several reputable wedding sources, and it felt like a safe online site to use.”

— Minneapolis & St. Paul Magazine

More couples opting for unconventional wedding registries

“One popular honeymoon registry site is Traveler's Joy. Betrothed couples choose honeymoon activities and expenses their guests can designate monetary gifts toward, such as chunks of airfare, hotel stays, train tickets or boat tours.”

— Inforum (Fargo, ND)

Inspector Gadget - Traveler's Joy

“...great new website called Traveler's Joy that allows newlyweds to register and also organize all their post-wedding day activities for friends and family... (Click link above for video)”

— WTVW (Fox 7, Evansville, Indiana)

In Lieu of Gifts, Please Click Here

“A number of companies also help guests purchase small parts of big gifts – gas grills, maybe, or even honeymoons.”

— Slate

Contemporary wedding registries straying from traditions

“Not only was this registry strategy helpful, it also fits into the larger wedding trend of making every bit of the event more personal. After all, as the median age for first marriages continues to rise and more couples are living together before they make it official, it's no wonder that people are all set with the tableware and furnishings and their definition of things they need (or want) has changed.”

— Los Angeles Times

Here's a Way Your Guests Can Give to Charity AND Buy You a Gift

“Here's what you do... Pick the stores where you want to register. They're stores you were probably going to register with, anyway: Target, Macy's, REI, and even Traveler's Joy Honeymoon Registry.”

— Glamour Weddings

Top 25 Places to Register

“If having a blast on your honeymoon (or having the funds to splurge on some indulgences during your stay) is more important to you than china and flatware, this registry is for you: It's set up so that friends and family members can make monetary gifts to cover your travel expenses, meals, and activities (e.g., snorkeling lessons or scenic side trips).”


Wedding Registry Advice From Real Couples

“In addition to Williams-Sonoma and Crate&Barrel, the couple also registered at Macy's and Bloomingdale's and on Traveler's Joy, a site with a honeymoon registry that "allowed us to enjoy a wonderful trip to Bali that we wouldn't have been able to afford on our own."”


Travel Gift Registries: Giving the Ultimate Wedding Present

“Although there are dozens of individual registry companies and travel agencies that provide the gift registry facility, there are a handful of main companies that operate the larger and more recognized registries.”

— Frommer's

Save Money on Your Honeymoon

“With sites such as your guests can chip in to your honeymoon fund as their gift to you. Just like a more traditional gift registry, you create a list for your well-wishers to shop from.”

— Kiplinger

Winter Wedding Honeymoons

“Choosing to go with a honeymoon registry was a no-brainer for us. While the website looks and feels like an online registry from any store, it has some great perks. It's customizable with features to add our pictures, story, and vacation plans.”

— Mpls.St.Paul Magazine

Travel Q&A (PDF)

“On a website like Traveler's Joy, you can add trip activities you want to do and any items you want to bring.”

— The Knot

Getting Guests to Pay for a Honeymoon

“...Traveler's Joy, at the other end of the spectrum, let us most easily create and add items from scratch. Traveler's Joy also lets you create a pared-down personal wedding Web site.”

— The Wall Street Journal

9 Trendy Ways to Save on your Honeymoon

“More and more companies like Traveler's Joy are offering couples the chance to put a little honeymoon fun ahead of new flatware. It's perfectly acceptable to create a honeymoon registry in addition to your traditional one.”


WishList: Courtney Martin Braun and David Braun

“Unlike some honeymoon registries that function as travel agencies, at Traveler's Joy, there is no requirement to book a specific vacation using certain hotels, airlines, or packages; couples can book their honeymoon any way they like and simply post a description of their trip for their guests to see. Courtney and David listed the estimated price of certain activities they hoped to enjoy during their honeymoon in Greece, such as "wine tasting in Santorini," which guests were able to purchase for them through the site.”

— Inside Weddings

Travelers looking for more detail, deals when planning trips

“There is nothing more re-assuring than seeing other honeymooners rave about their experience.”

— BizReport

Honeymoon Helper

“Honeymoon registries sound appealing to engaged couples and gift givers alike: After all, a South Pacific cruise is more exciting than new pots from Williams-Sonoma.”

— Budget Travel

Registry Helps Pay for Honeymoon

“A honeymoon registry works similarly to a wedding registry, but instead of buying gifts for the happy couple, guests and well-wishers can contribute to their honeymoon fund. Plus, the gifts are unlikely to ever be returned or regifted.”

— NBC (Atlanta)

Weddings and Air Travel - What the Airlines Have to Offer

“Their mission statement has a simple and straightforward message - "spread the joy of honeymoon travel."”



“There are many registries of this kind, but Traveler's Joy is arguably the best. Guests can buy everything from airfare to moonlit dinners on the beach. ”

— New York Magazine

Little Black Book: The Best Wedding Vendors

“Traveler's Joy is the perfect solution for couples who have it all. You just decide where you want to go and what wild adventure you want to embark upon (or if you're like me, what beach you want to park it on) and Traveler's Joy will do the rest. Umm, how great is that?”

— Style Me Pretty

What's Hot and New Among Wedding Traditions

“Forget toasters and china patterns. DeSeana Evans and her fiancé, Richard Sutton, have their sights set on St. Lucia.”

— Richmond Times-Dispatch

Vowing to Be Vert

“...go for an online registry that allows your loved ones to help finance your fantasy honeymoon. There are several out there, but a reputable option is Traveler's Joy.”

— Los Angeles Times

Trend Alert: Traveler's Joy

“Blender? Check. Silverware? Check. Even a waterproof shower radio? Check. But how about a romantic sunset dinner in Hawaii or a snorkeling trip in Bermuda?”


The Internet: Online 'honeymoon registries'

“...provides a "step-by-step process" to help newlyweds create a 'honeymoon registry' of expenses and activities, which friends and family can choose to pay for.”

— The Week

A Blender? Not On These Gift Registries

“This site, which just announced a partnership with the Wedding Channel, lets your friends donate money toward that honeymoon to Tuscany or Turks and Caicos.”


Time to Relax: Honeymoon Ideas

“ A recent trend in honeymoon planning is the honeymoon registry, which allows friends and family to contribute to your trip. For couples who already have all the toasters, pizza stones and linens they could ever need, this is an attractive option.”

— Columbia Daily Tribune

Honeymoon Registries: Because You Already Have Enough Bath Towels

“Every day, thousands of engaged couples and newlyweds find themselves in a predicament: They have all the cutlery, bath towels, photo frames, and kitchen gadgets they need... Many engaged couples are solving this dilemma by turning to online honeymoon registries, where guests can contribute to the expenses and activities of a post-wedding trip.”

— Brave New Traveler

Best Places for Honeymoons

“To help pay for postnuptial travel, check out the honeymoon registry system at Traveler's Joy. Family and friends can contribute money here toward a trip planned by the couple, or can even choose from a list of specific "gifts" for the trip, such as horseback riding on the beach.”


Splurge Sensibly on Your Honeymoon

“Many couples are already well-established, and don't necessarily need the traditional registry items such as home appliances, linens, etc. A current trend is registering for honeymoons using services such as Traveler's Joy.”

— Smarter Travel

No More Fondue Sets and Engraved Picture Frames

“Steak knives, china sets and deluxe blenders are nice, but it's usually the honeymoon, not the presents, that leaves newlyweds with the best post-wedding memories. Traveler's Joy had this in mind when it created its online honeymoon registry.”

— New York Daily News

Tips On How To Keep The Cost Of Your Honeymoon Down

“Here's a "D'Elia Deal" you don't want to miss to have others chip in for your big trip. Sign up for a honeymoon registry instead of a gift registry.”

— NY1: Travel

Interested in Building a Honeymoon Gift Registry?

“They're a great option for couples that already have most of the traditional household items, but still need wedding gift ideas for friends.”


Wedding Couples Tighten Honeymoon Budgets

“As couples spend less on their wedding, they also reconsider their honeymoon spending and registry behavior. The majority of Traveler's Joy respondents still plan to take a honeymoon...”

— Travel Weekly