8 Tips for a Stress-Free Honeymoon

Posted by Adam Warner

drinksonbeach.jpgA honeymoon should be one of the most memorable and enjoyable moments of a couple's entire relationship. However, the simple fact is that without taking a few key steps, the ultimate trip can be filled with hassles and stressful moments. Here are eight tips for a stress-free honeymoon to help newlyweds eliminate problems from the get-go.

Do Your Homework

Just a little extra research can go a long way towards ensuring the perfect honeymoon. In other words, do whatever it takes so you are fully prepared for what you're about to get into and will ultimately be spending your precious time and money on. For things like choosing an accommodation provider, securing dining spots or figuring out the best excursion outfitter, be sure to consult guidebooks, online resources, friends in the know, travel experts or even the source itself - it will make a difference.

The newly launched Traveler's Joy Honeymoon Tipster Service was also created for just this purpose. Tipster has travel experts ready to provide honeymooners with all the research, information and background they need on a particular destination before hotel rooms, activities or restaurant reservations are booked. After couples submit a brief questionnaire, Tipster's experts then create a customized honeymoon report that is catered to the couple's interests and desires.

Plan in Advance

Don't wait until the last minute to book that car rental, reserve that tee time, or sign up for that amazing snorkeling excursion. If you procrastinate, excursions could end up being full, transportation prices will likely go up, and hotel rooms may be limited or even booked.

Don't let last-second planning put you over your budget or prevent you from participating in activities you've always wanted to experience. Some of the most popular excursions or luxurious hotel accommodations at a destination may be booked up to a year in advance. With that said, plan out your entire trip as far ahead as you can and get those reservations set in stone. That way, you'll have your honeymoon just the way you want it.

chairsonbeach.jpegAgree on a Budget

It's key that newlyweds go into their honeymoon with realistic expectations when it comes to cost. Before hotel rooms are reserved and plane tickets are booked, sit down with one another and come to an agreement on the total budget of the trip. Also, figure out which things you'd like to upgrade for and other things you should cut back on. Once your honeymoon rolls around, make it a priority that both individuals stick to the agreed upon budget.

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Health Matters

With late nights of wedding preparation on top of your regular work schedule, the weeks leading up to your honeymoon can be extremely busy and stress-filled. Don't let those days get the best of your immune system. The last thing anyone wants on your honeymoon is for someone to be sick and have to miss out on some of the most anticipated activities planned. On those first days few days of the trip, stay ahead of things by getting plenty of sleep and staying hydrated. Take a day to get adjusted, especially if altitude and jet lag come into play.

Don't Overdo It

It's common for newlyweds to jam-pack their trip with activities and excursions. While it's certainly important to get off the beaten path a bit, make sure you provide plenty of time for relaxing. After all, this is your honeymoon. Enjoy your time together. Sometimes it's those simple moments together that are remembered the most.

This advice is particularly important for the first few days of a trip when jet lag is often a major factor. Instead of embarking on a whirlwind day, use the first day at your destination to catch up on sleep, lounge at the beach or pool, or just take it easy by walking around and getting a feel for your destination. A simple excursion to a park, coffeeshop or pedestrian avenue can be quite satisfying and will allow you to restore your energy while still exploring new sights.

walking-on-the-beach.jpgMake Sure Each Person Has a Say

On a once-in-a-lifetime trip, it's important that both individuals get to enjoy some of the things they really want to experience. If someone holds back or isn't allowed to participate in a coveted event or activity, resentment can set in. Here's a perfect prescription. Set aside most activities that you both enjoy doing together in addition to a few things each individual has a deep interest in, no matter if the other person doesn't care for it too much. For instance, if he wants to play a round of golf and you want a morning for shopping, go for it! Just don't forget what the mission of the trip is all about, though.

Don't Sweat Change

It's inevitable at some point on your journey that something doesn't go according to plan. Whether it's a plane delay, cancelled excursion or missed dinner reservation, don't worry about it. You'll always catch the next flight, hop on the next activity or enjoy your next dinner. The key is to not stress about the little things. Keep sight of the fact that you are on the trip of your lives. Don't let a little inconvenience become a big one.

Don't Be Shy

While going with the flow is certainly important, also don't be afraid to speak up when the time is right. If your expectations are not met, say something in a productive and amicable manor. Remember, this is your honeymoon and it only comes around once.

This rule of thumb also comes in handy during friendly exchanges, whether it's at hotel reception, at the local bar, or with your tour operator. Many times, just mentioning you're currently on your honeymoon means you could be greeted with a free drink, hotel upgrade or other unexpected perks.