St. Lucia honeymoon stories

  • Jennifer & Sam St. Lucia

    “After careful researching, I came across Traveler’s Joy.  I was immediately drawn in by how easy it was to make the registry page.  Within fifteen minutes I had a page that I was able to add excursions and items as I pleased.”

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  • Elena & Michael St. Lucia

    “When all was said and done, our honeymoon probably cost us roughly $8,000-9,000 (the cruise being about $3,000 of that including drinks and extras and Sandals taking the larger $6,000 portion). It was a 12-day honeymoon all booked through a travel agent, which was very new to me so I'm not sure how much the actual airfare ended up being in all of that. It was included in our package with both Royal Caribbean and Sandals. Traveler's Joy helped us off-set that cost.”

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  • Jacie & Jason St. Lucia

    “It helped so much that we used Traveler's Joy as our primary registry. I lived in my house for five years and did not need any of the "traditional" wedding gifts, so a honeymoon registry was the perfect registry for us.”

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