Puerto Vallarta honeymoon stories

  • Liz & Zeph Puerto Vallarta

    “It was great after such a memorable week to be able to write our friends and family who contributed to the trip through Traveler's Joy and tell them "Thank you for the cooking class - here's what we made..." or "Swimming with dolphins was amazing! Check out this photo..."”

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  • Melian & Tony Puerto Vallarta

    “I did a great deal of research trying to find the right honeymoon registry for us and this seemed the perfect fit. I got compliments from everyone who checked it out and it was so much fun for us to see our gifts coming in.”

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  • Regina & Andrew Puerto Vallarta

    “Over all our honeymoon was exactly what we wanted. We spent approximately $3,500, plus received $2,460 from our Traveler's Joy registry, which allowed us to pay off some of the trip, go on excursions, get pampered, and upgraded to first class (using miles and fee).”

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