Fiji honeymoon stories

  • Shelly & Jerome New Zealand & Fiji

    “Throughout the honeymoon planning, we knew we really wanted to use Traveler's Joy as it was highly recommended by our friends. We were able to break down our itinerary based on flights, accommodations, activities, and even our meals. It showed our guests where we were going, and what we planned on doing. It made our family and friends excited for us to go on this adventure. Each time a person asked us about our honeymoon, we would just point them to the site.”

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  • Heather & Christopher Fiji

    “Although $7,400 was on the high side for us, registering with Traveler's Joy helped make it affordable and allowed us to live in paradise, albeit for too short of time. The memories and pictures we have will remain with us forever and serve as a reminder that a return trip must occur... hopefully sooner, rather than later.”

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  • Stephanie & A.J. Fiji

    “Our honeymoon was perfect. The only thing we would have changed if we could is extended our stay for another week... or month.”

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