China honeymoon stories

  • Allison & Martin Russia, Mongolia & China

    “There seemed to be many honeymoon registry options, but in the end we chose Traveler's Joy specifically because we liked the look of the website, its user-friendliness, and the fact that it allowed us to upload the photo of our choice for each item on the list. We really appreciated this feature because it seemed to make our page much more personal.”

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  • Emily & Sam China, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia & Cambodia

    “Our honeymoon seemed to be the perfect opportunity to see the world without breaking the bank or having to give up our teaching jobs. Traveler's Joy helped make this dream a reality, and gave us incredible memories that will stay with us through the years.”

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  • Lillian & James China

    “Although we were ready to come home after twenty-four days, it was a sad time when we actually had to leave. It was immediately obvious that this trip had touched us both. It opened our eyes to a world that neither of us had seen before.”

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