Brazil is by far the largest country in South America, and its 200 million residents make it the 5th most populated nation on the planet. With towering, waterfront cities and the world’s most biodiverse climate, Brazil is utterly captivating on all fronts.

A pulsating rhythm can be felt all across the country, from the roar of wildlife which inhabits Brazil’s wetlands and rainforests to the energy-fueled partygoers in its thriving metropolises. Brazil’s rhythm peaks each year with its epic Carnival festival where songs, dance, and dazzling costumes flood the streets from morning until night. A honeymoon in Brazil promises a celebration of life with a journey through legendary nature.

In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know to plan an unforgettable honeymoon in Brazil, including:

  • The top honeymoon destinations in Brazil
  • The best time to visit Brazil
  • The hottest activities and attractions in Brazil
  • How to travel throughout Brazil
  • Brazil’s best honeymoon hotels and dining experiences


Brazil's Top Honeymoon Destinations

Rio de Janeiro is the vibrant soul of Brazil. This city by the sea is framed by lush mountains and famed for its beautiful beaches, most notably Copacabana and Ipanema. Honeymooners will instantly be seduced by Rio’s soundtrack, which spans from mid-century bossa nova to the infinitely danceable samba. Music is an integral key to Brazilian culture, and this is best understood by visiting Rio during its annual Carnival festival, the largest in the world. Even if honeymooners can’t make it for the grand spectacle, count on Rio’s lust for life to invigorate your spirits any time of the year. Pair long nights of entertainment with relaxing days on the sands of Rio’s beautiful beaches for an authentic Brazilian honeymoon. Active couples will want to take advantage of Rio’s tropical location, where options for surfing, hang gliding, rock climbing, and rainforest hikes (like the journey up Sugarloaf Mountain to visit Christ the Redeemer) are aplenty.

The Amazon Rainforest is a bucket-list destination that deserves to be experienced on any honeymoon in Brazil. Nature still thrives and rules here, as exemplified by the exotic symphony of sounds and scenery all across the rainforest. Hundreds of mammals, thousands of birds, and millions of insect species help explain why the scientific term “biodiverse” was coined in the Amazon. Witness them existing in harmony amidst thriving flora and fauna via a multi-day Amazon river cruise. Luxurious accommodations and world-class service give way to thrilling adventures, regional cuisine, and diverse cultural experiences in a captivating adventure like no other.

Bahia blends Brazil’s African culture with its Portuguese architecture to create a wholly unique atmosphere. From the colonial city of Salvador – rich with cobblestoned streets and pastel-colored historic squares – to coastal villages and national parks, Bahia is a vibrant state like no other. Salvador offers a unique lens into Brazil’s African culture, where festivals vibrate to the tune of proud percussion and capoeira is practiced in public. A slew of museums offers insight into the traditions and history of Salvador, while a gorgeous stretch of golden sand just outside of the city provides beach pleasures. For a more laid-back water pursuit in Bahia, head to Trancoso. This Bahian coastal town has retained its roots as a sleepy, fishing village, even as an increasing number of well-groomed resorts have put it on Brazil’s map for exclusive travelers.

Fernando de Noronha is slowly becoming Brazil’s most desired beach destination for honeymooners. Locals and foreigners flock to this archipelago of islands to enjoy its unspoiled beaches, stunning sunsets, and lush environment. Mention Fernando de Noronha to any native Brazilian, and you’ll notice that their eyes glaze over with excitement and jealousy. This is a tropical paradise truly imagined. To preserve the island’s natural beauty and delicate ecosystem, only several hundred tourists are allowed entry to Fernando de Noronha each day.

Florianopolis offers beach luxury amidst familiar comforts. The capital of the state of Santa Catarina, Florianopolis provides something for every kind of traveler. If a honeymoon on the sands of a world-class resort is your style of paradise, then look no further than the north of Floripa (as locals call it). International restaurants, a slew of high-end shops, and a range of dazzling resorts help this area attract a chic crowd of honeymooners. On the flipside, Floripa’s south is rich with rainforest trails, hidden beaches, and local markets. All together, it’s easy to understand why Floripa is known as “the Magic City.”

When to Go

Brazil is warm year-round, and most of the country enjoys a tropical climate. Honeymooners can take comfort in knowing that there is no wrong time to visit. Consider February – during the peak of high-season summer months – if the country’s Carnival celebrations are of interest. July and August, quieter and slightly cooler, will likely appeal to honeymooners that aim to avoid crowds.

Getting There and Around

Your honeymoon in Brazil is more than likely to begin from one of two major metropolitan airports: São Paulo’s Guarulhos Airport (GRU) or Rio’s Galeão Airport (GIG). Both São Paulo and Rio offer sophisticated metro systems to navigate their respective cities with ease. If preferred, taxis are affordable and convenient alternatives affixed with clearly visible meters for fare clarity.

When traveling throughout Brazil, honeymooners primarily have two distinct options: busses and planes. Intercity bus travel is prevalent, clean, and efficient, with reliable departure times and even luxury lines. The ClickBus app is an invaluable resource for scouting timetables and also purchasing tickets in advance (which is not always necessary but indeed smart). Domestic air travel is frequent and affordable thanks to Brazil’s network of over 100 major airports, and competitive budget airliners continue to drive down prices to popular destinations.

What to Do During Your Honeymoon

Visit Iguazu Falls – Straddling the border between Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay, the Iguazu Falls are an incredible sight to see during your honeymoon in Brazil. Recently voted one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, the falls make up the most extensive waterfall system on the planet. Plentiful hiking trails and thrilling jet boat tours will get you up close and personal, while an overnight stay at the Belmond Hotel das Cataratas grants unbeatable access. Pair your visit to this natural sight with the Parque das Aves (Bird Park), a dense jungle habitat home to toucans, flamingos, parrots, and more.

Cruise on the Amazon River – The mighty Amazon River is the largest in the world. Soaking in the sights and sounds of this incredible natural wonder of the world from a luxurious river cruise is one of the best ways to experience the Amazon during your honeymoon in Brazil. Swim with pink river dolphins, fish for piranhas, and get to know the animals that inhabit this marvelous ecosystem of the surrounding Amazon rainforest. A range of cruises are available – from large luxurious to premium chic, and intimate authentic – to suit the needs of any honeymooning couple. Many are inclusive of activities like kayaking, jungle walks, community visits, and stops for swimming.

Festival Celebrations – Brazil loves to party. The country has an infectious joie de vivre about it that can be felt from big cities to beach towns and everywhere in between. For the biggest in Brazilian celebratory festivities, look no further than the country’s annual Carnival. Dubbed “the Greatest Show on Earth,” Carnival is a five-day festival that fills streets all across the country with colorful celebrations of song, dance, food, costumes, and culture. Other large-scale annual favorite festivals include Oktoberfest, Festa Junina, and the Sao Paulo Gay Pride Parade.

Brazil’s Best Beaches – The powerhouse duo of Ipanema and Copacabana beaches in Rio may get all the international fame (understandably), but Brazil offers a nearly endless amount of beaches. From the secluded beaches of Fernando de Noronha to the pristine shores all around Ilha Grande and the unimaginably cinematic sand dune lagoons of Lençóis Maranhenses National Park, Brazil’s variety of beaches are sure to satisfy a honeymoon’s worth of lounging in the sun.

Explore The Pantanal – The biodiverse, UNESCO World Heritage recognized Pantanal region might be Brazil’s best-kept secret. As the world’s largest tropical wetlands area, the Pantanal offers honeymooners an unrivaled opportunity to witness wildlife in a stunning natural habitat. Look for colorful macaws, toucans, howler monkeys, the powerfully beautiful jaguar, and more on an adventurous Pantanal tour.

Where to Eat and Drink

D.O.M. – Consistently regarded as Brazil’s top restaurant, this Sao Paulo establishment was the country’s first to earn the coveted two-star Michelin rating. Year after year, it earns its spot among the World’s 50 Best Restaurants. Star chef Alex Atala – a former DJ – is praised for his inspired use of native Brazilian ingredients like priprioca, pupunha palm heart, and even Amazonian ants. Reserve months in advance for your memorable honeymoon meal.

Confeitaria Colombo – This time-honored historic cafe from 1894 has set the scene for grand political and literary meetings of Rio’s past. With an interior this marvelous, it’s easy to see why it’s become one of the most worthy stops on any Brazilian honeymooner’s must-visit list. Come midday for coffee, savory empanadas, and a sweet pastel de nata to fuel the evening ahead.

Paraiso Tropical – Salvador's most beloved dining experience, Paraiso Tropical is adored by locals and visitors alike. At 20 minutes outside of Salvador’s historic center, the restaurant is a bit of a trek, but the reward is well worth the journey. Set in a tropical garden, the restaurant cooks most of its meals exclusively in coconut water, and is heralded for its seafood stews and exotic fruits. Linger over a long lunch to best appreciate the natural setting.

Aprazível – Seated high in the jungle-clad hills above Rio, Aprazivel is a city-wide favorite renowned for its authentic setting and unbeatable views. Its multi-tiered alfresco layout of thatched roofs amidst tropical trees is immediately enveloping. The carefully curated menu by chef-owner Ana Castilho is a surefire introduction to Brazilian classics.

Churrascaria Palace – The Palace is Rio’s most traditional churrascaria – a meat-focused restaurant where waiters serve barbecued and skewered meats directly onto your plate. Formed in 1951 during Brazil’s Golden Age, the restaurant’s dining room pulses with an authentic Bossa Nova soundtrack. This is one of Rio’s many churrascarias, but after trying the prime rib, lamb shoulder, and baby back ribs, you’ll know why it’s the city’s best.

Where to Stay

Copacabana Palace – Old-world luxury shines in this grand Rio hotel that has been a city mainstay for nearly a century. Outfitted with opulent chandeliers, marble, and miles of local Brazilian wood, the Palace’s interior manages to match the class of its decadent exterior, which sits proudly on a private stretch of the world-famous Copacabana beach.

La Suite by Dussol – A celebrity favorite, La Suite is an idealistic escape for honeymooners that want a more exclusive experience while in Rio. Located in the clifftop village of Joá (think the Beverly Hills of Rio), La Suite is more of a seductive private villa than traditional hotel. Endless panoramic views, private terraces, and personable service make for an intimate honeymoon stay. Plus, Joatinga Beach – a short walk from the villa – is Rio’s new hottest beach by those in the know.

Ponta dos Ganchos – One of Brazil’s most exclusive beach resorts, the Ponta dos Ganchos promises intimacy, privacy, and rejuvenation. Set on its own private peninsula, the resort fronts a marvelous stretch of the Emerald Coast and is bound by lush tropical rainforest. A phenomenal breakfast, with an endless backdrop of sparkling sea views, sets the tone for a day of pure relaxation in this adults-only paradise. Take advantage of the miles of marked hiking trails, where waterfalls and distant whale sightings are common occurrences.

Belmond Hotel das Cataratas – Surrounded by 700,000 acres of national park, Belmond’s luxury hotel offers unprecedented access to the stunning Iguazu Falls. The hotel is grand on all levels and predictably gorgeous – outfitted in colonial charm that the Belmond name is known for all throughout Brazil – but without a doubt, its star amenity is its location beside Iguazu Falls. As the only hotel situated in the park, the Belmond offers guests a front-row seat to the marvelous natural display all throughout the day.

UXUA Casa Hotel & Spa – What was once a fashion designer’s holiday home has transformed into one of the region’s most respected accommodations. The rustic-chic grounds of UXUA consists of just 11 deluxe casitas amidst the leafy wilderness of the seaside village of Trancoso. Striking the ideal balance between luxurious and laid-back, this rainforest retreat is the perfect place to lose track of time and practice the art of doing nothing. Cooking lessons, Capoeira practices, kayaking, and plenty more activities around Bahia can be arranged if you prefer to blend some action into your itinerary.