For honeymoon travel that may be changed or delayed, the full value of your gift will still be used by

Dominic Brown & Jessica Franzoi

Dominic & Jessica

October 26, 2019

For honeymoon travel that may be changed or delayed, the full value of your gift will still be used by Dominic & Jessica.

Dominic Brown & Jessica Franzoi

Dominic & Jessica

October 26, 2019

Dear Guest,

Thank you so much for visiting our registry. We'd first just like to reiterate that your presence at the celebration of our marriage is truly more than present enough. However, we did want to share this registry so that our guests wouldn't be inconvenienced by having to track down the information should they want it.

As you've probably already figured out, we're doing something a little bit different with our wedding, and our registry is a little bit different than what some may be used to as well.

Because we've lived together for a few years, we already have the perfect area rug and an immersion blender and all the flatware our little hearts could ever desire. We just don't need a lot of the things that many newly engaged couples would traditionally register for.

What we would really love, though, is some help with our dream honeymoon! So in that vein, our wedding registry consists of experiences and expenses for our honeymoon where guests can make contributions if so inclined. We would so appreciate your help, but, as we've said, the best gift we could ever receive from you is your presence on the big day. We can hardly wait!

Dominic and Jessica

We're going to Take An Epic Road Trip!

We talked a lot about how we'd like to spend our honeymoon. Sipping pina coladas on a beach at an all inclusive resort? Pretending to hold up the Leaning Tower of Pisa for touristy pictures in Italy? Gazing longingly out of various rainy windows in the Great British Isles? It all just seemed too cliche...

Then it hit us. Duh! Road trip!

So in late March we will depart on an epic, two week, 3,000 mile journey from our home in Philadelphia through the southeastern U.S. And we could not be more pumped about it, you guys.

Day one we'll load up our cooler and strike out, driving through the famed mountains and forests of West Virginia, and playing "Take Me Home Country Road" on a constant, irritating loop. Our first night will be spent camped in the Monongahela National Forest. (Don't worry, we'll bring bear mace.)

From there, we'll make a mad dash to Nashville, where we plan to spend a day or so enjoying the music scene and eating enough Nashville hot chicken to give us stomach ulcers.

Then off to New Orleans, the furthest southwesterly point on the itinerary. We'll spend two full days touring cemeteries, checking out the French quarter, eating Cajun food, taking in some jazz, and riding around the swamp on one of those sweet air boats.

After that, we plan to swing back up the east coast at a slightly less frenetic place. We'll hit Savannah for some history and ghost tour goodness. Then up to Charleston, where we'll spend a day or two relaxing in one of the historic B&Bs, getting massages, and eating room service. Then we'll be setting up our tent for the night again near Colonial Williamsburg and spending a day touring the historic village there.

Finally, we'll finish out the trip with a day of D.C. museum visits, a romantic dinner, and a stay at a fancy hotel before heading home, where we will trudge up the steps to our apartment and fall, exhausted, into our bed, dreading our return to work on Monday, but knowing it was all worth it because this was the trip of a lifetime.

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Safety first! Your car breaking down in the middle of nowhere on your honeymoon might make for a good story 5 years from now, but we'd ideally like to avoid it. We'll need to tune up our car before we leave so we don't run into any unfortunate mishaps.
Gift Fulfilled
We're going old school. We'll certainly be glad we brought a map when we lose GPS signal as we drive through those gorgeous Appalachian Mountains.
Gift Fulfilled
Even the Prius has to get filled up occasionally.
Gift Fulfilled
We plan to cook an epic campfire meal to celebrate the first night of our road trip. We'll need to stock up our cooler.
Gift Fulfilled
We've always wanted to try Nashville's famous hot chicken, and we plan to make the rounds in search of the best. Support us in our endeavor to eat enough regionally beloved fried chicken variations to cause serious permanent damage.
Gift Fulfilled
We may only have one full day in Nashville, so we want to make it count! We're going to do an all out, no holds barred night out downtown, hitting as many live music shows as possible. We may even line dance. Doesn't sound like us, but you never know.
Gift Fulfilled
Two nights in a downtown Nashville hotel. We gotta sleep sometime.
Gift Fulfilled
Swamp boat tour! Yes, we really want to do this. It looks like the most fun thing ever. Don't worry, we won't hold you liable for our neck injuries.
Gift Fulfilled
Lunch at the famous Johnny Po'Boy as we explore the French Quarter.
Gift Fulfilled
A night out on Bourbon Street. Need we say more?
Gift Fulfilled
Bourbon street may be still be bustling at 5 AM, but our bed time is a little earlier than that.
Gift Fulfilled
Combining Jess's second favorite US city (after Philly, of course) with one of her favorite activities (skulking around in the dark listening to scary stories): A Savannah ghost tour!
Gift Fulfilled
A night in one of Charleston's beautiful historic B&Bs.
Gift Fulfilled
A couple's massage. We know we've been doing a lot of driving and eating of massive amounts of chicken and flailing around on swamp boats and other un-romantic things, but this is still our honeymoon after all.
Giving Portions
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Breakfast in bed. Like we said, Charleston is the relaxing and romantic leg of the trip.
Gift Fulfilled
A day at Colonial Williamsburg. This is exactly the kind of touristy stuff we live for, and we've been wanting to go forever.
Gift Fulfilled
D.C. museum admission. We love museums and we aren't ashamed!
Gift Fulfilled
Two nights in a fancy Washington D.C. hotel. We plan to end our trip in style!
Gift Fulfilled
Those Uber rides can really add up, but, even though we'll have our car with us, it's important to us to be responsible when we're imbibing out on the town.
Gift Fulfilled
Snacks! Driving is hungry work. Help us stave off hunger and stay caffeinated for another hour on the road (or make that required purchase so we can use the bathroom!)
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