Introducing Free Honeymoon Registry Options on Traveler's Joy

Posted by Adam Warner

honeymoon_couple_beach-001.jpg2015 brings a lot of new changes to Traveler's Joy. In addition to a registry re-design, we are super excited to introduce a free honeymoon registry option for our members!

How does the free registry option work? Traveler's Joy will only charge a fee when a gift is given using a credit card. That means if your guests provide a gift with cash or check, it's 100% FREE!

How much will it cost for gifts provided with a credit card? Also new in 2015, Traveler's Joy presents a new fee structure. For gifts given using a credit card, 2.95% is deducted from the gift amount and the gift giver is charged 2.95% + $0.99 on checkout.

These fees cover credit card processing (which can cost us up to 3.5%), hosting, registry features, phone support five days a week, 24-hour email support, and support for your wedding guests who wish to purchase a gift for you over the phone.

Can the gift giver pay the fee if a credit card is used? Yes! Our couples now have the option to transfer the entire fee to the gift giver, making those gifts 100% free for you to receive. From the same settings, you can also have all fees deducted from the gift amount. This makes a gift cost guests just $0.99 to provide. It's completely up to you!

Unlike other "free" honeymoon registries, there are no "upgrade" fees, subscriptions, or monthly fees with Traveler's Joy. All of the great features of our system are 100% free to set-up and use!

Got a question? Drop us a line on Facebook or send us an email.

We think you're really going to enjoy the new features. Here's to an awesome 2015!