Help Develop the Perfect Eco-Honeymoon in Costa Rica

Posted by Adam Warner

Love to travel? Passionate about sustainability? Well, you're in luck because our friends over at the Cayuga Collection are giving three different couples a free honeymoon experience.

Their mission: Develop the ultimate eco-honeymoon. All they need is your help to create the perfect marriage of luxury and sustainability.


"Our properties attract hundreds of honeymooners every year, and while we receive great feedback, we think we can do even better -- especially for those discerning couples who care about reducing their impact while traveling", says Hans Pfister, president and co-owner of Cayuga.

For this unique experience, chosen couples will become "eco-honeymoon designers." In other words, they'll decide where they want to go and what they want to do.


Meanwhile, in exchange for your time and feedback, Cayuga will cover all accommodations, meals, and activities. All you have to do is get to Costa Rica and take care of your own transportation to and from the properties.

The Cayuga Collection consists of ecolodges, resorts, and sustainable hotels throughout Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

For full information on this opportunity, including access to the official application, click here.