Friday Five: Dumbest Things Americans Do Overseas; Best Budget Destinations for 2014

Posted by Adam Warner

Photo_Snapping_Tourists.jpgEvery other Friday, the Traveler's Joy team links to hot honeymoon hotels, cool gear options for travelers, and the most interesting travel-related news items spanning the globe. Among the finds this week: the best value travel destinations for 2014, top foodie resorts in the Caribbean, and five of the dumbest things Americans do while abroad.

5 stupidest things Americans do overseas. Do you avoid any of these "touristy" stereotypes?

Coolest new hotel amenity: A smartphone in every room.

The power nap head pillow: Could this be the most ridiculous travel item of all time?

10 great budget destinations for 2014.

Culinary honeymoons: 5 Caribbean resorts where food takes center stage.
Ultimate foodie getaways.

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