The New Normal: Mini-Moon First, Ultimate Getaway Later

Posted by Adam Warner

Whether due to work schedules, budget constraints, or having a wedding in the off-season, it's now becoming the new normal for couples to plan a short post-wedding trip before embarking on a bigger, fancier trip in the future.

Christina Valhouli provides a variety of real-life examples in this eye-opening New York Times piece published on October 18.


Story highlights include:

*"Because we delayed the big honeymoon, we could save up for it and it was also cheaper to go in January," said Tara Pollak, who postponed her trip to London for a few months due to her husband's work schedule. For the mini-moon, they went with three nights at a bed-and-breakfast on Eastern Long Island.

*Many couples go the mini-moon route due to planning fatigue and overall pressure to make it perfect.

"Some girls dream of their wedding, but I was always dreaming about my honeymoon," said Ruchi Dungarani, who got married in May 2012 but postponed the grand trip several months due to stresses of wedding planning. "I think it's even more romantic than the wedding because it's just about the two of you." And no seating charts in sight.

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