Honeymoon Registry Tips: The Best Ways to Thank Gift Givers

Posted by Missy Mecum

Ink smudges, hand cramps, etiquette guidelines, and endless mailing addresses. These are some of the first thoughts that come to mind when thinking about wedding thank you cards.

Even when the stresses of a wedding and honeymoon are over, you still have the pressure of writing all of those thank you notes. Although this task can seem quite daunting, with just a little extra thought and creativity, you can easily show your gratefulness to family and friends in a meaningful and memorable way. Check out some of our top tips below.


When should I send my thank you notes?

Etiquette experts suggest that for any gifts you receive well before the wedding, you should send a thank you note within two weeks. For any gifts given closer to or after the wedding, the experts recommend that couples send a thank you note within one month after the honeymoon. However, most guests do not expect thank you notes until a month or two after the honeymoon.

What's a fun way to thank guests who purchased gifts on my honeymoon registry?

You may be tempted to simply send out emails to thank your guests. However, we advise not to go that route. Your friends and family members were thoughtful enough to choose a gift for you and have taken the time to celebrate your most special day with you. A handwritten note is always a personal and considerate way to show your appreciation toward them.

Meanwhile, having a honeymoon registry can also help make your thank you notes really fun and creative. For instance, you could purchase souvenir postcards at your destination while on your honeymoon. Just be sure not to write these thank you letters on your trip! Relax and enjoy each other while you are there. Then, when you return home, use those postcards to write thank you notes to your guests for the item or contribution they made to your trip. This strategy will also use less expensive stamps, so you are saving money in the process!

Another way to thank your guests is to bring a list on your trip of the honeymoon gifts that guests purchased. For example, if you have a Traveler's Joy account, it's really easy to access this list. Just go to your Traveler's Joy member account page under the "Thank You List." Next, take photos of yourselves experiencing the different aspects of the trip that were gifted by your guests. Your guests would love to receive a photo of you enjoying the memories that they helped to create!

What's the best way to keep track of the thank you notes I've completed?

If you have a Traveler's Joy account, you can simply log in and click on "Thank You List." This will allow you to view your gift list, the gift giver, and the mailing address. From here you can check off each thank you note as you send them.

If you do not have a Traveler's Joy account, we always suggest keeping the list of the addresses that you made for sending the invitations. Then write the gift next to each address and check it off on the paper when you've sent the thank you note.

By showing some thoughtfulness and creativity, you can really create some special thank you cards that express your gratitude and share special memories from your honeymoon.