Important Questions to Ask to Find the Best Free Honeymoon Registry

Posted by Adam Warner

Honeymoon registries have evolved since Traveler's Joy was founded way back in 2004 (time flies!). Before then, honeymoon registries were mainly offered through a local travel agent that allowed friends and family to call or stop in to give a gift toward the couple's honeymoon. That worked well for the travel agent since they received a favorable margin on selling the trip.

Traveler's Joy changed this model by allowing members to plan their travel with whomever they wished (or just do it themselves). Traveler's Joy soon paved the way for a number of new companies offering similar services.


Fast-forward to today and you'll find dozens of honeymoon registry sites and business models. There are a few important things to consider before signing up with a free honeymoon registry.

Can friends and family use their credit cards to give a gift? Lets face it, the majority of people use plastic to pay. What happens when Uncle Joe wants to use his Platinum Visa to pay for your couples massage? A fee is assessed to the couple or guest. There is no way around credit card fees. Even giants like PayPal charge 2.5-3% to process a credit card. Traveler's Joy allows your gift givers to give a gift using cash, check, or credit card.

Can the couple, friends, or family easily call customer service? What happens when Aunt Joan would like to give a gift over the phone or is confused with the website? Traveler's Joy has a toll-free customer service number with a team member ready to help give a gift or answer a question.

Do you mind having advertisements on your honeymoon registry page? In addition to ads on the honeymoon registry page, be on the lookout for direct email advertisements that might include weight loss programs, wedding rings, and reception entertainment. There's often an additional cost to remove ads from your registry page. Traveler's Joy does not have any advertisements on its registry pages.

Do you want a bare bones registry or common registry features? Most free honeymoon registries have an upgrade fee for basic features like a photo slideshow, custom registry page design, to remove advertisements from the registry page, and access other "premium" features. Unless you're content with a very basic registry, then the upgrade fee will likely come into play. Traveler's Joy has no "upgrade" fees, subscriptions, or monthly fees. All of the great features of our registry are 100% free to set-up and use!

We love honeymoon registries! After all, we've been around longer than almost everyone else out there. We helped to build this industry into what it is and think the market is large enough for lots of players. We hope this post helps you find the perfect honeymoon registry.

If you have any other questions, always feel free to contact us! Happy Honeymooning!