Amazing Amenities at 40,000 Feet: Shower Spas

Posted by Adam Warner

With constant news about exorbitant fees, antiquated planes, and mishandled baggage, it seems that air travel couldn't get any worse these days -- which certainly isn't a good trend for millions of honeymooners set to jet off to exotic world destinations this year.

However, Dubai-based Emirates Airlines has recently rolled out a splashy new feature that could certainly help redeem the airline experience.

For the first time in aviation history, first-class passengers aboard Emirates A380 airplanes can take a refreshing shower in one of two "Shower Spas" located on the upper deck of the aircraft. Guests also have a pair of shower kits to choose from featuring a variety of revitalizing natural products.


Now travelers on long-haul flights can arrive at their destination truly relaxed and rejuvenated. Sounds like an experience fit for a honeymoon getaway!