6 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Honeymoon Destination

Posted by Adam Warner

Choosing the perfect honeymoon spot can be one of the toughest decisions a couple has to make during the wedding process. From "must-have" amenities to budget limitations, there are a slew of factors that ultimately play into the decision. However, by asking the right questions and conducting simple research, you can narrow your search almost instantly. Follow these six tips to choose an ideal getaway spot that will leave you with no regrets and the honeymoon of a lifetime.


Set a Budget

Start by sitting down together and assessing how much you can afford for the trip. Whether $2,500 or $15,000, the answer will play a key role as to where you can visit, how long you can stay, and the type of activities you can experience. Hoping to get the absolute most out of your trip? Set up a honeymoon registry and let your friends and family contribute towards your getaway.

Determine Trip Length

If you only have five days, a trip to New Zealand is certainly out of the question. However, if you've saved up your vacation days and have two or three weeks available, this may be the perfect opportunity to visit that once-in-a-lifetime destination. Pressed for time? Consider a mini-moon to a unique regional destination. A long weekend in Napa Valley and San Francisco might just do the trick.


Pick a Theme

Next, figure out exactly what you're looking to get out of your honeymoon. Is it a week straight of turquoise waters and palm tree-lined beaches? Or how about a mix of European history and amazing foodie experiences? Popular themes include beaches, mountains, adventure, eco-friendly, history, and food & wine.

Consider the Season and Situation

It's very important to factor in the timing of your trip. For instance for your tentative travel dates, will they be in the high season or offseason at your destination? Do you need to worry about massive crowds, high prices, or major weather disruptions? Also, is the country or city going through any kind of crisis? For example, current unrest in Egypt and Greece may have you looking elsewhere until conditions improve. Be sure to conduct some basic research to find out these answers and narrow down your choices. Meanwhile, you can save a lot by vacationing in the shoulder season or offseason period at your destination of choice.


Think Atmosphere

The overall vibe of a destination or accommodation provider is key. Looking to party it up and relax by the pool? Perhaps an all-inclusive spot centered on unlimited food and drink would suit you best. Hoping to take a scenic road trip through Europe? Romantic B&Bs or historic inns might just fit the bill. Remember, if your styles are different, consider a blend of each one.

Don't Forget About Amenities

Finally, figure out the services that are absolutely necessary to you. Do this by writing out a list of your most important amenities and then only search for hotel options or destinations that include them. If you are big on pools, the last thing you want is to book a hotel for a week and then find out it doesn't have anywhere for you to swim. Popular hotel amenities include Wi-Fi, free parking or shuttle service, on-site pool, and fitness center/spa.

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Images courtesy of Travaasa Experiential Resorts and iStock