Learn Something New on your Honeymoon

Posted by Brandon
The beach is a favorite destination for Shannon and I but after a couple of days, I start to get restless. We have some friends that can spend two weeks on a beach and others no more than a day! So if you fall somewhere in between, what else should you be thinking about on your honeymoon? How about learning something new that both of you can bring home.

Over the last six years, I've spoken with dozens of Traveler's Joy Members that rave about a new skill or hobby they learned together while on their honeymoon.  When they returned home, they continued to practice this new skill or hobby and then celebrated their wedding anniversary by traveling somewhere new to 'practice' their new activity. This new skill or hobby became a theme for each of their wedding anniversary trips!

The following are some examples of classes, private instruction, or certification programs that Traveler's Joy Members have participated in (and registered for!): cooking in Rome, fly-fishing in Alaska, wine tasting in France, gelato making at the Italian Culinary Institute, pastry making in Brussels, horseback riding in Colorado, surfing in Costa Rica, skydiving in Switzerland, kayaking in Washington, hang gliding in North Carolina, and scuba diving in St. Thomas. This list is by no means exhaustive so think about where you are honeymooning and something you've always wanted to do together - then make it happen! 

Honeymoon Hang Gliding Class
Honeymoon Cooking Class