Top Honeymoon Destinations - Forbes Traveler

Posted by Brandon
Members often ask us about the top honeymoon destinations they should consider for their honeymoon. This is a hard question to answer because so much depends on the personality of the couple, budget, and their travel history. I came across a story from Forbes Traveler last week that reviewed a number of sources to come up with the top 2009 honeymoon destinations. The great part about this list is that it came up with national and international destinations.

I've listed them out below or you can click here to see a slide show and commentary for each destination.

Europe: Italy, France
North America & US: Mexico, Hawaii, Napa Valley, New Orleans, Walt Disney World, Niagra Falls, Las Vegas
Caribbean: Bahama, St. Lucia, Jamaica
Central America: Costa Rica

Do you have a honeymoon recommendation? Did you honeymoon in Niagra Falls or Walt Disney World? If so, we'd love to hear about your honeymoon.

Where are you planning to honeymoon in 2010 and why?