Last Minute Honeymoon Planning

Posted by Brandon
For many brides and grooms, honeymoons are the one trip planned well in advance. However, after speaking with a couple last week, this isn't always the case. 

Rob and Joan decided to delay their honeymoon because the groom had lost his job about 6 months before the wedding.  Despite having a honeymoon registry, they didn't feel comfortable taking a honeymoon immediatley because they were now struggling to save enough money for the wedding.  The good news? With 1 month to go until the wedding, the groom found a new job with a better salary and a flexible manager.  Rob's manager was willing to grant one week of vacation after the wedding despite only being on the job 4 weeks. So with only 4 weeks to book a honeymoon - what were Rob's options?

There are several last minute travel websites that can be a life saver, especially in terms of cost.

1) Travelzoo - Travelzoo's website states that more than 2,000 travel companies from around the world list their very best offers with them. Their weekly Top 20 is a list of the week’s best travel deals after evaluating airfare, hotel, vacation package, cruise and rental car deals.

2) - While this website is 'Member Only', it only took a day to receive an invitation to join after providing my email address. This site provides deals on 5 star properties throughout the world. If $2-400 a night is in your budget, you might come across some amazing properties that are typically $5-900 a night. After becoming a member, you'll receive an email each week with the latest discounts.

3) Kayak - A new addition to the popular search engine is their Private Sale service. Accessible to anyone, the Private Sale experiences are exclusive deals on hotel packages. They're outstanding properties at unbelievable values, sometime up to 50% off retail rates.

With any of these three sites or others like and, keep in mind there is limited time to book.  Be sure to discuss your plans with your partner before booking or you may not have a honeymoon at all :)