Registry Enhancements!

Posted by Brandon

Over the last month we finalized two enhancements that we worked with current Members on before going 'live'.  

First, we now provide Members the option to choose whether or not they would like to receive gift notification emails. This makes it very convenient if you'd prefer to keep your gifts as a surprise. Your account management section will still include all gift details but if you prefer the surprise and still need to log into your account, just don't scroll down the page to the gift details section :)

Second, all Member registry pages now have the option to be password protected. Simply log into your account and click on 'Edit' within 'Account Information'.  The option is directly below the 'Account is Active' status question.  We had a significant number of requests from couples popular in the media but also couples that would like their honeymoon location and date to be private.  In addition to this feature, we don't allow our Member's registry pages to be 'spidered' by search engines.  This provides one more layer of privacy.

We hope you find these two enhancements useful and would appreciate any feedback!