Honeymoon and Economy Survey Results

Posted by Brandon
We had a great response rate from the survey we administered in January to Members with honeymoons in 2009. I thought you might like to see some of the results.

-62% report that they plan to spend less on their honeymoon than originally intended due to the current economic downturn
-50% report that the current economic climate changed increased their preference for a honeymoon or experience wedding registry   
-38% report that the current economic climate has increased their interest level in using Traveler’s Joy
-20% have had to delay their honeymoon departure date due to the current economic climate

The surveyed couples noted many ways in which they plan to decrease costs, including staying closer to home, redeeming loyalty rewards for free airline tickets and hotel stays, taking advantage of travel discounts many hotels are offering, and cutting out some of the luxury extras like spa treatments and excursions.

For more information on the survey, please contact us.  We are looking at a great year for breaking monthly new Member records so thank you to everyone for using Traveler's Joy to go on their dream honeymoon!