Honeymoon and the Economy

Posted by Brandon
About.com recently published an article titled "Your Honeymoon and the Economy".  It briefly discusses how couples are headed to parts of the world where the dollar is stronger (e.g. Argentina) and mentions ideas on how to save money on your honeymoon. Of course the first suggestion is to register for your honeymoon! 

Traveler's Joy, almost 5 years ago, was created out of the frustration that some of our friends faced when they could not afford the honeymoon they had always dreamed of taking.  Instead, they received enough housewares to practically start their own home shopping network:)!

We have seen a significant increase in couples registering with us from just a year ago at this time and would love to hear how you are planning to use Traveler's Joy to take the honeymoon of your dreams despite the downturn in the economy.