Traveler's Joy Announces TJ 2.0

Posted by Brandon
We've been hard at work all summer making Traveler's Joy even better!

What's New?
  • Upload your own item images -or- search and use any item image other members have uploaded. Automatic slideshows on your registry page when more than one photo is provided. Add up to (12) pictures. 
  • Choose from multiple professionally designed themes for your registry page.
  • Plot your trip with Google Maps integration. Set up to (12) individual destinations on your interactive map. Friends and family can see exactly where you will be heading and can pan and zoom on you registry page.
  • Many other great feature and interface improvements in all sections - feel free to log into your account and play around on the site!
What's Missing?
  • We had to create a new limit on the length of photo captions. Unfortunately, we couldn't find a good way to "grandfather" in current photo captions. Any caption you had has been deleted but can easily be added back, albeit shortened in most cases, in the new system.
  • If you do not customize your new Google Map, the default will display your "home" location only. The "home" location is centered on your zip code only out of privacy considerations.

We're very excited to launch these new changes to add even more value to the Traveler's Joy experience. If you run into any issues with the new features, please don't hesitate to contact us.