Wall Street Journal - Cranky Consumer - Honeymoon Registries

Posted by Brandon
I tend to avoid mentioning Traveler's Joy press on our blog but I had to include this one because I think the article does a great job of explaining the various types of honeymoon registries.  Jane Hodges, the writer for the Wall Street Journal, covers most of the competition and breaks down how each company is different. 

We had a meeting the day this article was released and overall, we are very happy with it.  The team at Traveler's Joy is an amazing group of dedicated people determined to change the traditional wedding registry industry into a lifestyle and experience registry.  We are all excited knowing that we are helping couples spend the first few weeks of their lives together experiencing new places and people.

We encourage all of our Members to read this article so they have a better understanding of their honeymoon registry choices.  As always, we welcome your feedback.

The Wall Street Journal - Getting Guests to Pay for a Honeymoon