Adam Rogers & Matt Harris
Greetings Family & Friends,

We are so excited to see you all at the wedding! Your love and friendship means the world to us and the prospect of having you all in the same location is absolutely thrilling!

Since we have already built a home together, we are not in need of the traditional wedding registry--instead we opted for a honeymoon registry. If you would like to get us a wedding present, we would be most grateful and appreciative if you could sponsor a portion of our honeymoon. As you can see below, it will be quite the adventure--our largest need is with the actual cruise cost, but as you will see, there are many great ways to help out with this odyssey.

After the wedding, we are going on a mini-honeymoon for two days in Pismo Beach and then we are taking our real honeymoon next year on an Alaskan Cruise!

We cannot thank you enough for your thoughtfulness, generosity and support. Thanks for helping us build memories and we can't wait to see you at the wedding!

Matt & Adam
Honeymoon Dates
August 5th → August 15th
Gifts Are Welcome
The value will be used
toward trip expenses
Following the wedding, we will be heading up the coast to Pismo Beach for a two day mini-Honeymoon. Then in 2010, we will take some time out for a proper Honeymoon on an Alaskan Cruise.

We start off by flying to Seattle and will spend a few days enjoying the Pacific Northwest for the first time. After a day trip to Forks, Washington (the fictional home of the Twilight series) and a fake trip to the home of Grey's Anatomy, we will board the cruise ship.

We will sail to Glacier Bay, Juneau, Sitka, Ketchikan, Victoria, B.C. and then return to Seattle. Aboard the ship, we will enjoy a fantastic Twilight convention.
destination alaska

Alaskan Cruise! We will be going on our very first cruise and we are excited that it will be in the beauty of Alaska. This all-inclusive cruise includes accommodations, meals and entertainment. This will be the trip of a lifetime!

Cost Each $75.00

Still Need 17

transportation american airlines

Round Trip Flight from Los Angeles to Seattle above the beautiful West Coast. Neither of us have been to Washington state before. What an adventure!

Cost Each $50.00

Still Need 3

other greys

3 Nights of Hotel Accommodations in Seattle, Washington. We are hoping to stay as close to Seattle Grace Hospital as possible so in case we get sick we can be taken care of by the cast of "Grey's Anatomy."

Cost Each $50.00

Still Need 8

attraction tour forks

Day Trip to Forks, Washington to meet up with Bella, Edward, Jacob and the whole Twilight gang. Even if you are a Twater (Twilight Hater), you can appreciate how absolutely gorgeous the scenery of the region is.


destination seattle

Half Day Sightseeing Tour of Seattle. We will be touring this beautiful city! We've never been there, but surely the tour will go see a grunge band, go see the volcano, the Space Needle and we will be forced to drink coffee in the rain.


drinks starbucks

We will be visiting the world's first Starbucks and Adam can see the origin of his addiction. Adam will also be visiting Starbucks early and often on other days :-)


activity pike place market

Pike Place Market. We are so excited to visit the most famous fish market in the world. We hope to throw some fish, go on a guided tour and have a nice dinner.


attraction tour seattle space needle

Official Tour of the Space Needle. We have been to the Stratosophere, but we are really excited to see the real thing in Seattle! The needle is one of the most iconic symbols in America.


attraction tour twilight

Twilight Convention at Sea. Matt's passion for the Twilight series has brought us to this great opportunity. On the cruise, we will have the opportunity to meet the stars of Twilight, go to a Twilight Costume Ball, and much more!


activity dog sled

Dog Sled & Four Glacier by Helicopter Adventure - A combination of Alaska's most highly desirable activities-helicopter flightseeing, a glacier landing, and a dog sled ride!

Cost Each $50.00

Still Need 6

food salmon

Alaskan Salmon Bake - An Alaskan feast, this salmon bake features Alaskan-caught wild salmon grilled over an open alder wood fire. Dine beside Salmon Creek in Southeast Alaska's rain forest and listen to a local musician.


drinks cocktail

Buy Matt a Drink! The beauty of the Alaskan wilderness should be enjoyed with a few Long Island Ice Teas.

Cost Each $20.00

Still Need 8

drinks cherry

Buy Adam a Vat of Soda! The cruise has an unlimited soda pass, which Adam totally plans on taking advantage of. Cherry Coke for everyone!


food crab

Wilderness Exploration & Crab Feast A true Alaskan experience featuring the pulling of Dungeness crab pots by boat from a wilderness estuary. It is topped off with a crab feast in a historic building now converted to an elegant ocean-side lodge.

Cost Each $30.00

Still Need 7

attraction tour duck

Ketchikan Duck Tour After doing the Duck Tour in Boston, we are now going to become Duck Tour connoisseur's and do them in every place we go!


activity whale watching

Orca Whale Watching We go watch whales every July in Sea World, but this appears to be a tad bit different.


spa massage

Massages on the Cruise - Most people know that Adam has an addiction to the art of massage. He will be much more tolerable to travel with if he is able to get a massage (or 2) at sea. :-)


Total Amount $0.00